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About Us

Barford Tigers is more than a Hockey club


Our goal is to be a sporting and community model of excellence both on and off the pitch.


Fostering the right environment 


Some of the key areas where he help to foster this environment include:


Health and Well Being


  • Providing advice and support on health and nutrition as well  as helping to instil a healthy lifestyle habits in our members from an early age


Winning Mentality

  • Pushing our members to be the best that they can be. We want to give our members the opportunity to play at the highest level and we have a plan in place to help accomplish this


  • Running regular parents evenings for the local community with guest speakers providing advice with anything from careers advice and getting into University to preventing knife crime 

Youth Development


  • Helping our youth members to develop important lifestyle skills including teamwork, public speaking and resilience


  • From those who have not only played hockey at the highest level, but alsogone on to have successful careers in medicine, dentistry, finance and business 



  • Without doubt we are one of the most diverse hockey clubs in the country with girls, boys, men and women from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. We pride ourselves on our friendly and inclusive atmosphere


  • BUT most importantly playing hockey with Barford Tigers is all about experiencing a fun way of becoming the best version of yourself.

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