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LINK Project

Barford Tigers is pleased to announce that it recently secured £10,000 of funding from Awards for All in support of our LINK project.

The LINK project aims to enhance the Club's Young People and Parents Group and link it and the wider Club more strategically to key partners to maximise opportunities for young people.  Through its delivery, the project also seeks to engage wider groups of young people into the Club and the sport of hockey, in a manner that helps to deliver significant impact for communities in Birmingham particularly on issues of improving health through sport, building aspirations amongst young people and tackling barriers to social cohesion in a positive manner.  The project will play a fundamental role in demonstrating the value that the Club’s Young People and Parents Group have within the Club and to the community that it serves.  


The project is running for 12 months.  For further information contact Dr Sukhdev Gill via 07896 128 327

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